Addiction is a strong, uncontrollable need to take drugs, drink alcohol or carry out a particular activity or behaviour such as gambling or binge eating. It becomes the most important thing in your life and can lead to problems at home, work and school.
There’s no single reason why addictions develop. You may find that regularly drinking alcohol or using other substances, or spending time gambling or on the internet is pleasurable or relaxing. However, you may experience these feelings far more intensely and have a strong desire to repeat them more and more.

You’re more at risk of developing an addiction if:

  • other members of your family have addiction problems
  • you experienced stress or abuse while growing up
  • you have mental health problems

How we can help?

Here at the London Therapy Centre we’re specialists in addiction having helped many on the road to recovery. Our approach involves empathy and compassion, using a range of therapeutic tools to help you understand why you’re acting this way. In a one to one setting you’ll become aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions and be given the support and space needed to recover.

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