Panic Attacks


A panic attack is a heightened response to the body’s normal reaction to fear, stress or excitement. These responses are manifested in a variety of ways such as a pounding heartbeat with possible chest pains, feeling faint, shaky and light headed, sweating, difficulty with breathing and nausea. These symptoms create fear of losing control, fainting, experiencing a heart attack or, in the most extreme cases, death.

Panic attacks can be anticipated if you’re aware of how you react to stressful situations, but they can also come “out of the blue” with no forward warning. They can also occur at night, which is particularly frightening as your sleeping state causes confusion, leaving you feeling vulnerable and exposed.

The majority of panic attacks are brief, lasting between 5 and 20 minutes. However, some symptoms may last up to an hour and if this is the case, you’re probably having a series of attacks. You might experience only one in your life time, or you may have multiple attacks in a week or a month.

How we can help?

Here at the London Therapy Centre we help you understand what is causing these attacks and equip you with practical tools to bring them under control. In a one to one setting you’ll be guided through your feelings and given the support and space needed to cope.

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