Relationship Issues


They can bestow shared happiness and fulfilment with our loved ones, friends and family, and in a work environment, good relationships with our colleagues can help us to be more productive and creative. Within this framework, these healthy relationships can be a source of advice, guidance, love and support.

Unfortunately, these fulfilling relationships are not “on tap”, to be accessed at will, and don’t come with a life long guarantee. They have to be constantly nurtured with skill, understanding, compassion and love which all take time and energy. When loving relationships fail, people can suffer almost a feeling of bereavement: they are alone and unsure of the future. In different circumstances, other relationships may not be fulfilling expectations and hopes, thus creating a sense of emptiness and disappointment, whereas, on the other hand, some people with a more needy personality may seek ultra close friendships / romantic attachments but find them elusive — just out of reach.

How we can help?

At the London Therapy Centre we approach trauma with an in-depth understanding of both the psychological and physical effects and integrates a neuro-affective approach incorporating the work of Pia Mellody to help you safely recover from the impact of childhood wounds.

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